24 Hour Media Diet

0600: My phone alarm sounds. I check the weather to determine my outside morning workout attire. Stepping outside, I confirm the veracity of my weather app. Off to a good start!

0615: Morning preps continue and I check my email and news widget for todays “important” headlines. President Trump is in the headlines again facing the possibility of an arrest warrant. Seems as if his alleged personal missteps may finally give detractors a reason to prosecute. Juxtaposed against the warrant for Mr. Trump are the charges of war crimes against President Vladimir Putin who is facing a warrant from the ICC as well. The article Putin’s World Just got a Little Smaller speaks to the responsibility of the 123 nations who promised to deliver Mr. Putin to The Hague for trial. If delivered, the consequences could be serious. Realistically, the agreement will most likely be used as a political club against those who do not/will not deliver the Russian President. Additionally, the warrant may be cited as reason for further involvement in the war in Ukraine. Historically, he’ll have to be ousted and turned over by his own country…or will have to lose a war and be captured for anything to come from this.

0800: Check Instagram to see comments on a recent post. Read a Gun Owners of America post announcing the implementation of the Congressional Review Act to reverse the unlawful pistol brace ban. This GOA Instagram Post about the CRA outlines the basics of the move and who is, and isn’t, supporting it.

1000: Instagram. Again. See post from Maj Toure about his interview article in the Philadelphia Inquirer explaining why black gun ownership is increasing and what his organization, Black Guns Matter, does to support new gun owners in the community. Maj Toure of BGM post. No lies detected. Maj is on point with his facts and narrative. He is also the founder and proprietor of the Solutionary Center here in Philadelphia. The mission of the center focuses on conflict avoidance and management, building job and life skills, first aid, and gun ownership and safety. All classes are free to the public. Check him out.

1200: News alert for Russian advance in Ukraine mentions the Wagner Group hiring 30k more mercenaries. This does not bode well for the Ukrainian regulars. There is a skills gap between civilian militia, regular army, and trained mercenaries. Wagner Group to hire 30k fighters.

1600: A friend on Facebook posted a sweet meme. I concur. I disagree with the adage that “people are mostly good”. As Bruce Willis’ character in the movie RED said; “that hasn’t always been my experience”. I generally subscribe to General Mattis’ missive to “be polite, be professional, but have a plan to kill everyone you meet”.

Copied from J. Jarman’s Facebook Feed. Original creator unknown.

1800: Some light pre-dinner scrolling and a discussion with my wife about the term “Cis” and it’s origins, meanings, and our feelings about it. We agree to disagree. @Conservativeant’s Instagram Post. Some light research confirms that the terms use was first recorded in 1994. It was added to the dictionary in 2015 and is now used both as a descriptor and an insult. Factually, the term seems to have some use if you believe that gender is a fluid thing and that preferences need to be explained.

2000: Getting ready for bed now. We both read before going to sleep. 10 Pages minimum a day of a non-fiction or self improvement book. I am reading Fry The Brain by John West. It is a book about urban sniping and it’s history in guerrilla warfare. Tonight’s chapter describes the assassination of JFK and the probable use of multiple sniper teams to insure mission success. A look at the National Archives excerpt indicates nothing egregious, but hints at dispelling the “lone shooter” conclusion. While the book makes a compelling and tactically sound argument, the government (foot stomp here) investigation denies anything other than cursory and circumstantial conspiracy theories. I am not convinced either way, but my experiences working for the government leave me wholly willing to accept alternatives.

2200: Last scroll through Instagram to watch Tik Tok videos like a grown-up. Nothing spectacular, but reminds me to check the threatened ban on Tik Tok by the USG. Already not allowed on government owned tech, the possibility of a universal ban is an interesting 1st amendment vs. foreign spyware discussion. An NPR Tik Tok ban article mentions some of the issues, but fails to discuss the pending opportunities for US supported social media outlets.

This exercise forced me to consume social media and news outlets more than I normally would. To be fair, I usually read through stuff and move on with my day without giving it another thought. If it doesn’t affect my “Maslow’s”, I don’t particularly care. For this course, I will have to be more disciplined in my reading, note taking, and further digging.






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